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AtoZ provides a large range of computer consulting and network consulting services including: network design, implementation and configuration of desktop and network server computers on many platforms.
On-site Support:
Computer consulting; hardware, software and network support; training and implementation of a wide array of computer and networking solutions
Phone Support:
Our support center is always on call 24x7 so we can answer your questions.
Email Support:
The team approach allows us to have the experts answer your question no matter what it covers.
Remote Administration:
AtoZ consultants can often Remote (VPN, Remote Desktop or Netmeeting) into your computer or network and solve the problem right there and then. This eliminates the need for a service call and greatly reduces the cost to you as a customer.
4 Hour or less response time guaranteed!
Our goal is to keep your computer systems and network operating at peak performance so your team can work to its full potential.

The most costly element of your information technology (IT) systems and Networks is not the technology it's the resources required to keep them running efficiently, and AtoZ Consulting's maintenance services can help you optimize those resources.

AtoZ Consulting maintenance services deliver a complete range of options to meet your specific requirements and budget.

Our remote diagnostic alert system catches most problems before they become an issue.

This in conjunction with our other services makes our maintenance plan a step above the rest.

We include:

  • 24x7 Support
  • Phone based
  • Online based
  • On-site
  • Proactive maintenance
  • Security Audits
  • System patching

Our Customer Support Center is staffed by software, network, engineering and customer support professionals who are experts in IT. Our customers benefit from immediate access to sophisticated diagnostic, monitoring and trouble resolution services.

Whether you prefer 24x7 coverage or next day parts service, AtoZ Consulting offers flexible support programs designed to meet your needs. All our service programs include remote telephone support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The AtoZ Consulting service programs bring together the best of two worlds. We offer sophisticated remote diagnosis and solutions capabilities plus a field support infrastructure that combines in house expertise with a worldwide network of AtoZ Consulting Service Providers.

With AtoZ Consulting's service distribution system, we create a unique logistics and parts delivery infrastructure to maximize the efficiency of our service delivery capabilities. By partnering with select companies that specialize in parts and equipment storage/shipping, we ensure the right part is shipped at the right time, to the right location. And this system is supported by our Parts Depot facilities, which are strategically located near major distribution hubs.

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